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Sun Mar 6 21:26:30 2016 UTC (13 months, 3 weeks ago) by luigi
File size: 66840 byte(s)
Bump to version 1.9991
This file is public domain.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.9991:

* Some issues fixed, but really this is in preparation of metapost 2.0.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.999:

* The numbersystem 'binary' is now operational.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.902:

* Fixed a crash in 'decimal' mode during choose_scale calculations.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.901:

* Fixed a bug in 'decimal' mode that affected (among other things)
  the directionpoint and bbox calculations.

* Fixed a bug in 'decimal' mode calculation of sine / cosine that
  affected the precision of the answer in situations where 
  'numberprecision' was less than 34.

* Updated the number parsing in 'decimal' mode to detect 'too precise'
  input and optionally generate an error in that case (depends on

* Fixed a bug in the svg output where it could crash in 'decimal' mode.

* Fixed a bug in the png output where it could get confused if there
  was more than one text label

* Fixed a bug in the png output for stroked paths

What is new in MetaPost version 1.900:

* Updated the embedded libraries, and a few build system fixes.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.890:

* The numbersystem 'decimal' is now operational.

* New internal: 'numberprecision', for use with 'the 'decimal' number
  system. The (numeric) value expresses the desired calculation precision, 
  in decimal places.

  system  default   min    max
  scaled       10    10     10  (assignment effectively ignored)
  double       16    16     16  (assignment effectively ignored)
  decimal      34     1   1000 

* Bug fix: in the 'double' numbersystem, 

    if X = scantokens decimal X:

  will now always be true, because the 'decimal' operator now has 
  the same resolution as the scanning routine (which is two decimal
  places more than in the previous release).

* Fixed a bug in the handling of the / operator (wrong precendence).
* Fixed a bug in arctime (did not handle negative values currectly).

* Fixed TFM generation issues (various scale-related errors).

* Fixed application crashes when there was no TEXMF tree to be found

* It is no longer possible to assign to the 'numbersystem' internal.

* There is a new definition of 'drawdot' in

* PNG output did not output anything for draws of a single point.

* Metapost now prints the full name of any preloaded files.

* Fixed a bug in the handling of labels with embedded ascii zero(es).

* Fixed handling of unknown command-line options, the reporting
  on used libraries in the --version output, and the banner line.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.803:

* Fixed a bug in the path tension handling that sometimes caused 
  distorted output.

* A number of small alterations to the build system making it easier
  to integrate metapost with W32TEX.

* Fix the internal rounding functions in --numbersystem=double so that
  they round exactly like in --numbersystem=scaled mode.

* From Elie Roux: a fix to to prevent log-scaled graphs with 
  large ranges from causing the "Value is too large" error.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.802:

* Fixed a bug causing overly large characters in  SVG output mode when
  prologues != 3.

* Removed a crash during free-ing of TFM metric data at the end of the 

* Fixed a problem with colors in SVG output mode.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.801:

* fixed an off-by-one error in the SVG output that prevented the last 
  font's glyphs from actually being output to the svg file under

* fixed a bug in bbox calculations in that caused the max y to be set
  based on the maximum x coordinate internal value instead of the 
  maximum y coordinate.

* fixed a bug where metapost incorrectly produced a 'degenerate spec'

* build fixes for various platforms imported from TeXLive 2013, as
  well as the latest kpathsea development etc.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.800:

* A new string valued internal "outputformatoptions" is used by PNG
  output mode to control the png file format. In the future, this
  internal may also be used for options to the other output formats.

  The syntax for "outputformatoptions" is a space-separated list of
  settings. Individual settings are keyword+'='+value. The only
  currently allowed ones are:
  No spaces are allowed on the left, nor on the right, of the equals 
  sign inside a setting.

  The assignment that would match the compiled-in default setup is:  
    outputformatoptions := "format=rgba antialias=fast";
  however, "outputformatoptions" is initially the empty string.

  Some notes on the (new) PNG output formats:
  - The 'rgb' and 'gray' subformats have a white background. The 
    'rgba' and 'graya' subformats have a transparent background.
  - Bitdepth is always 8.
  - In all cases, the image is initially created in 8-bit RGB
    mode. For 'gray' and 'graya', the RGB colors are reduced just 
    before the actual PNG file is written, using a standard rule:
      g = 0.2126*r + 0.7152*g + 0.0722*b
  - CMYK colors are always converted to RGB during generation of 
    the output image using:
      r = 1 - (c+k>1 ? 1 : c+k);
      g = 1 - (m+k>1 ? 1 : m+k);
      b = 1 - (y+k>1 ? 1 : y+k);
   - If you care about color conversions, you should be doing a 
     "within <pic>" loop inside "extra_endfig". The built-in
     conversions are more of a fallback.

* A new string-valued internal "outputfilename", which is set by 
  "shipout" to the value of the just created file name. Until the
  first shipout has occurred, it is the empty string.

* Fixed a number of bugs where Metapost loaded the default font map
  file multiple times, resulting in lots of "fontmap entry for 
  `<fontname>' already exists, duplicates ignored" warnings.

* The "glyph <> of <>" operation could crash on fonts with empty 
  subpaths in the charstrings.

* Fixed a bug in the postscript encoding reader that caused a buffer
  overflow (fatal error) for encoding files that do not end with a 

* Sped up png creation a bit by using smarter libpng options.

* In the 'double' numbersystem, lots of precision was lost due to a bad
  internal conversion of fractions to scaled values. This affected the 
  "rotated by", "directiontime", "sind" and "cosd" primitives, as well 
  as internal dependency calculations.

* In the 'double' numbersystem, an internal rounding error caused 
  "directiontime" to return bad results for requests near zero.

* There was a big scaling miscalculation while outputting glyphs in SVG
  mode with "prologues:=3". The output labels were so big that they
  fell completely outside of the generated image.

* A problem resulting in 'This can't happen (endinput)' caused by a 
  missing "end" at the end of the run was fixed.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.790:

* Lots of speedups.

* Fixed bug in division expressions that started with a literal number.

* A few problems with bad deallocations were solved.

* A bug where after saving and redefinition of primitives, they later
  were restored to 'undefined' instead of to their primitive meaning.

* The "double" literal number parser now only accepts scientific 
  notation if the character following 'E' or 'e' is '+', '-', or 
  a digit.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.780:

* The turningnumber calculation in 1.770 was bugged.

* The picture export in 1.770 forgot to add trailing zeroes to the
  log and term output channel resulting in rubbish output.

* The arguments of the PS "dtransform" operator have been fixed
  (was wrong since 1.750).

* The warning limit in numbersystem=double mode is now exactly 2**52.

* A bunch of obvious memory leaks fixed. Not all yet, but now the 
  MPlib seems to be usable even with many graphics.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.770:

This is an alpha release for testing & debugging only!

* The command line switch --numbersystem replaces --math.

* Two new internals: numbersystem (string, read-only, either "scaled"
  or "double" at the moment) and numberprecision (numeric, currently 
  a no-op).

* There is a new bitmap backend:


  This backend uses cairo and libpng to generate PNG bitmap data.
  The created PNG used RGB + Alpha, with anti-aliasing, at 72dpi, 
  and with a transparent background.

* Associated with this, there are new internals "hppp" and "vppp",
  that are used by the bitmap backend to decide on the scale of
  the generated bitmap. Default value for both new internals is
  "1.0", i.e. one pixel per Metapost point. 

  The internal names come from metafont.

* There are two new primitives for use with picture item objects:


* The C API has been extended to allow path control point resolution
   without going through the Metapost input language, see
   manual/mplibapi.tex for details.

* The C API has been extended with a "math_mode" switch in the options
  structure, and the memory size options as well as "ini_mode" have
  been removed (the MPlib instance now always starts up in inimp mode)

* The code for picture shipout now uses "double" for all floating point
  values. This can give small differences in the actual output files in
  traditional mode due to the required scaled -> double conversion, but
  was necessary to support the new numerical backend code.

* The Lua API internals have been updated to reflect the C API changes.

* All known crashes in earlier versions of Metapost have been fixed. 

Known issues:

* The manual is not up-to-date yet on the metapost input language

* There are various memory leaks. 

What is new in MetaPost version 1.750:

This is an alpha release for testing & debugging only!

* mpost now accepts --math=double as an argument. This switches the
  internal arithmetic functions from using a scaled 32-bit data type
  to 64-bit floating point.

* With --math=double, the input scanner has been changed to allow
    a := 1.0E20 
  as valid input format for a numerical value

What is new in MetaPost version 1.504:

* Small build system tweaks from TeXLive 2012.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.503:

* String comparisons have been fixed, these were broken in previous 
  1.50x versions.

* verbatimtex ... etex processing had a horrible bug that is now

* A fix has been applied for a bug that made redeclared variable 
  subscript tags disappear.

* The behavior of the %{<internal>} escape sequence in 'outputtemplate'
  changed (but not that of the single-letter shortcuts).  Internal
  variables within %{...} are neither rounded nor zero-padded.

* A very long list of improvements to the manual.

* MetaPost now adheres to the openin_any / openout_any settings in 

* The 'prologues:=3 output' with embedded labels was unreliable, 
  especially when the resulting eps was included into a TeX document 
  via dvips.

* 'newinternal numeric' has been fixed, it generated an error in
  metapost 1.211 and earlier 1.50x versions.
* Label regeneration sometimes failed to run when the file time stamps
  were close together.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.502:

* New build system and kpathsea imported from TeX Live.

* Various bugfixes.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.501:

* The maximum number of variable instances has increased from approx.
  33 million (2^25-1) to 2 billion (2^31-1).

* New build system and kpathsea imported from TeX Live.

* Many small bugfixes to 1.500.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.500:

* Actual memory dump files do not exist any more. --mem=<MEM> and
  all other methods of supplying a MEM file are now interpreted 
  somewhat like this pseudo-metapost-code:

    let dump = end;
    input MEM[.mp];

  this process is supposed to be transparent besides the facto that 
  there is some extra terminal output and logging.

* All memory is now allocated and freed dynamically. There are only
  two remaining overflow errors(1):

  "expansion depth" : this is a guard against infinite recursion,
                      the value is 10000.
  "sizes per font"  : this is maxed out for data-structure reasons, 
                      the value is 32767.

  from texmf.cnf, now only the "error_line", "half_error_line" and
  "print_line settings" are used.

  (1) but now you can reach the operating system limits, of course.

* As this is an alpha release containing lots and lots of new code,
  MetaPost starts up with the internal equivalent of 'loggingall;' 
  in effect. This results in log files that can help in debugging.

* Expect bugs and (minor) memory leaks.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.212:

* Small build system tweaks from TeXLive 2011.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.211:

* In previous 1.20X versions, the 'glyph infont' operator did not handle
  fonts with seac (old-style composite characters) properly.

* Incorporated the latest versions of kpathsea and the build system
  from TeXLive.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.210:

* In previous 1.20X versions, btex ... etex handling forgot to take 
  the passed directory location of input-ed files into account.

* verbatimtex ... etex is now copied as is. Whitespace stripping
  and appending of % no longer happen. 

* The mpost executable now always strips exactly one extension from 
  the jobname (unless explicit --jobname was given)

What is new in MetaPost version 1.209:

* Previous 1.20X mem files were architecture-dependent.

* Metapost now uses getopt once again, which makes the commandline
  handling compatible with pre-1.20X versions. However, the syntax
  -sprologues=1 is now no longer supported (the space between -s
  prologues is now mandatory).

* On some systems, metapost would crash inside the function that prints
  the 'fatal error' message.

* The 'glyph infont' operator would sometimes cause crashes, and in 
  other cases it generated bad output.

* There was a space missing in the generated output when mpprocset
  was set. This was still legal PostScript, but it confused mptopdf.

* In previous 1.20X versions, the font map file was read for each 
  figure that contained a label, resulting in lots of harmless
  but scary warnings being reported.

* The --debug switch is now documented in the command-line help.

* The help text now mentions the metapost version.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.208:

* Previous versions of MetaPost 1.20x were overeager to remove file
  extensions from the end of the jobname.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.207:

* With the -file-line-error commandline option, MetaPost 1.20x always
  reported the name of the most recently 'input' file instead of the
  name of the actual current file.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.206:

Bug fixes:

* Many of the commands in the MP language cause strings in the string
  pool to be printed to new strings that are also built up in the 
  string pool. This could cause crashes when the new string wouldn't 
  fit in the memory allocated.

* Failure to initialize the jobname in the MP_options struct could 
  cause crashes in library mode.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.205:

Bug fixes:

* Metapost did not handle well files with extensions other than .mp.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.204:

Bug fixes:

* Metapost could go into an endless output loop when characters in 
  bitmap fonts where used, because it tried to limit the %*Font output
  line to a specific number of bytes.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.203:

Bug fixes:

* Building version 1.202 for source required X11 headers to be installed.

* Another infinite recursion trap added, now for erroneous vardefs
  with suffixes (reported by Nicola Vitacolonna).

* Fix infinite loop recursion on integer overflow (reported by Nicola 
  Vitacolonna, fix based on a hint from Dan Luecking).

* In version 1.202, setting "job_name" from lua code caused a crash.

* The "filename" field on the lua figure object in 1.202 was just the
  extension, instead of the whole file name.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.202:

Bug fixes:

* Fix greypart <numeric> (always returned 0).

* Make 'withcolor true' explicitly reset the color model to uninitialized.

* Report which mem file can't be found, and use 'plain' instead of PLAIN 
  in the mem search warning messages.

* Fix a crash on subsetting of some Type1 fonts because of a temporary
  buffer overrun.

* Correct a crash on SVG text output when the 8th bit is set.

* Fix the use (reference) of 8-bit glyphs in SVG mode when prologues:=3.

* Fix the output of text strings that reference the character at index 0.
* Use ".ps" as file extension for negative charcodes (backward compatility).

* Metapost sometimes printed "mp_vacuous" instead of "vacuous".

* Fix rounding of negative scaled and fraction values.

* Restore the error for 'arctime' out-of-bounds.

* Moved the "turningnumber algorithms do not agree" message out of reach
  (now only printed if tracingchoices>2 )

* Fix a problem with dash scaling during picture copying.

* TFM header bytes were written out with an offset of one.

* Updated the mptrap files.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.201:

Bug fixes:

* There was a bug where sometimes the outer contour of a glyph that was
  asked for via 'glyph X of' was missing from te output, depending on 
  the path drawing order inside the Type1 font.

* Handling of MPTEXPRE label prefix files was broken.

* Font subsetting for 8-bit characters in Type1 fonts was broken.

* The use of "%{outputtemplate}" inside "outputtemplate" now generates
  an error.

* The first letter of the input file name was swallowed in the log file.

* There is some rudimentary support for infinite recursion trapping now,
  to help prevent segfaults&crashes due to C call stack exhaustion.

* An unlucky change in glibc made compilation fail on new GNU/Linux
  systems due to multiple incompatible definitions of 'getline()'.

* There was a bug in the handling of quoted external commands for 

* The main input file's opening brace and filename were not shown in 
  the log file output.

* Non-colored picture objects (clipping and setbounds paths) are now 
  ignored when the color part is asked from within "within", for 
  backward compatibility reasons.

* The trip and trap files are now part of the distribution and the 
  mptrap files have been updated.

* The standard web2c argv[0] mem file mimicri was broken: 1.200 was 
  always looking for "mpost.mem" even when called under another name.

* The manual pages for "mpost" and "dvitomp" have been updated, and the 
  old "mp" manual page has been removed. 

* The first letter of any missing input file name was not shown in the 
  terminal error message.

* Output files are now once again written in the current directory even
  if an explicit source directory is given. This includes the creation
  of mpx files, but some trickery is used so that up-to-date existing 
  mpx files from the source directory take precedence.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.200:

New features:

* It is now possible to get the actual path drawing routines from a 
  font glyph. The syntax is :

    q := glyph 113 of "cmr10";
    q := glyph "one.oldstyle" of "lmr10";

  "glyph" is a primary binary operator (like "subpath") that accepts
  a string or number and a string, and the result is a picture.

  The second argument is a tfm name. This will be combined with
  a fontmap entry to find the font's PostScript source file.

  If the first argument is a string, then it should be a Charstring
  name in the postscript font source. If the first argument is
  an integer, it is an index into the encoding of the font, and
  the Charstring that is mapped to that index is taken (it follows
  that numeric values have to be integers between 0 and 255).

  The returned picture can be empty (if the tfm or the pfb or the
  encoding or the Charstring was not found), otherwise it consists
  of a list of 'fill' objects that use the the 'grey' color model.
  Counterclockwise paths receive the grey value matching 'white',
  clockwise paths 'black'.

* MetaPost now supports string valued internal variables. Three of 
  these are predefined ("jobname", "outputformat", "outputtemplate"), 
  you can add more of them via "newinternal". 
    newinternal string s;
    s := "hello";
  The type of a new internal is either 'string' or 'numeric',
  and defaults to numeric (this is for backward compatibility with
  older versions of MetaPost). String internals are initialized to
  the empty string, numeric internals are initialized to zero.
* MetaPost now has a second backend that generates Scalable Vector
  Graphics output. This new backend was requested by Dave Crossland, who 
  also provided the funding to make it possible.  Dave, thank you again!

  The default value of "outputformat" is "eps"; when you assign "svg" 
  you will get SVG output.

  If you use text labels with SVG, you will probably also want to set


  With this setting, MetaPost will convert the font into curves
  (of course you also need a correct font map line, just as for
  PostScript output).

  With any other value of "prologues" you will simply get the SVG
  default text font in a system-dependant encoding. This is unlikely
  to be what you want!

  A simple example:

    outputformat := "svg";
    outputtemplate := "%j-%c.svg";
    fill fullcircle scaled 100 withcolor .4red;

  In the lua bindings, there is the new figure method "svg()", that 
  gives back the SVG output string. This is subtly different from the
  direct file output: the lua method does not prepend an XML declaration
  (this makes embedded use of the generated XML easier).

* The new internal string variable "outputtemplate" replaces
  "filenametemplate". The big difference is that "outputtemplate"
  is a true 'internal', so that you need a proper assignment.
  On the positive side, this means that you can use its current 
  value with e.g. show and message.

* "outputtemplate" has a new type of replacement: internal variable
  names. Instead of the short "%j.%c", you could write:

     outputtemplate := "%{jobname}.%{charcode}" ;
  this type of replacement works for all internal variables, 
  including those defined via "newinternal". 
* There are two new numeric internals: "hour" and "minute".
  (these are a consequence of the outputtemplate change)

* The primitive "jobname" is now a string internal instead of a 
  special case. This implies you can assign to "jobname", but
  such an assignment will only affect the picture output. The
  job name for the purposes of log and mem file names is fixed
  permanently at startup time and cannot be altered.

* "mpost" can now pretend to be dvitomp. Either copy the executable
  to the name "dvitomp", or pass the switch --dvitomp on the command

* The command line option --halt-on-error has been reinstated.

* There is a new -s<internal>=<value> command line switch that can
  be used to setup run time values. Such assignment will be executed
  after initialization is complete (i.e. after mem file loading) but
  before any other code is executed.

  This works for all internal variables, including one defined 
  that may have been defined in the mem file via "newinternal". 

* "tracingstats:=1;" now prints the highest and total input levels.

Bug fixes:

* The turningnumber calculation had a rounding error in the internal
  arithmetic that could cause incorrect numbers to be calculated
  (typically resulting in a 'turning numbers do not match' error).

* The parsing of command line arguments with options was broken.

* Reading of files with 8-bit names has been fixed.

* A patch by Melissa O'Neill fixes inclusion of some special Type1

* There was a bug where, when "prologues:=3;", the lists of the 
  DocumentResources/DocumentSuppliedResources could appear in the eps
  output partially uncommented.

* Troff labels were completely broken in all MPlib-based versions.

Other changes:

* Many, many improvements to the manual and the tutorial. Sorry 
  Stephan, I don't know enough to list them all!

* The old executable build system has been replaced by the new build 
  system from the TeXLive 2009 repository.

* The MetaPost (and mplib) source code is now released under LGPL 
  instead of GPL, and uses a derivative of PyAvl instead of GNU libavl.

* The web2c 'mktexfmt' feature is enabled for the program "mpost" once 

What is new in MetaPost version 1.102:

* Printing of 8-bit string characters has been fixed.

* In previous versions, TFM files and PFB fonts would not be read
  properly on big-endian machines (e.g. powerpc)

* The MetaPost distribution now contains "A Beginner's Guide to
  MetaPost for Creating High-Quality Graphics" by Troy Henderson
  and Stephan Hennig. This tutorial replaces Hobby's mpintro.tex.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.101:

This is just a bugfix release. The following bugs / problem areas in
MetaPost 1.100 have been fixed / improved:

* TFM file generation was completely broken.

* The job name discovery on the commandline has been improved.

* Under some (rare) conditions MetaPost forgot to create a log file.

* Labels containing char0 were exported to PostScript incorrectly.

* On Windows, the DVI file that is the result from the internal call
  to TeX for btex .. etex lables was not deleted automatically.

What is new in MetaPost version 1.100:

CHANGES compared to the previous release, 1.005:

* This version is based on MPlib, the C conversion of MetaPost.

  The one user-visible change is that the btex ... etex
  label conversion is now handled internally instead of via
  the external "mpware" programs. These programs are therefore
  no longer distributed.

* There is a new manual, mplibapi.pdf, that describes the internal
  interface to MPlib.

* The file 'mpintro' is no longer distributed because it is
  obsolete (it has been that way for some time).

* The distribution now includes Dan Luecking's mpsproof.tex.

CHANGES compared to the previous beta, 1.091:

* The DVI -> mpx converter was bugged when virtual fonts were used.

* MP could crash when a string was added to the string pool that 
  was too large to fit.

* The string pool compaction routine was called much too often, thus
  preventing unnecessary slowdowns.

* Various problems with uninitialized option settings and missing mem
  files or pfb files have been fixed.

* There was a line buffer overrun possible in the file reader.

* mpost now honours --recorder and --file-line-error.

* MP now accepts file names with  paths (separator is /) and with
  embedded spaces (using " for quoting)

* There could be empty lines in the PS output.

* Full 8-bit fonts (i.e. font using character slot 255) could create 
  an eternal loop.

* The handling of equations with addition or substractions between two 
  unknowns in the right hand side was wrong.

* The first line of the PS font encoding output could be broken 
  inbetween a glyph name and its preceding slash.

* Font inclusion in the PS backend would fail for all fonts that had 
  glyph ids using the 8th bit.

What is new in MetaPost beta version 1.091:

* Dash lists were interfaced incorrectly by the lua bindings.

* The Type 1 Font inclusion in the previous version produced invalid

* The configure script now also checks for sys/time.h

* The error message you get for invalid mem files now mentions the
  name of the file as well as the nature of the problem.

What is new in MetaPost beta version 1.090:

This MetaPost release is based on MPlib. For those of you who are not 
aware of the MPlib project yet:

MPlib is the name of the new, revamped version of the MetaPost
interpreter. It is implemented in Cweb, and internally consists
of a core library, an mpx generation library, and a frontend
driver program (mpost).

There are no changes to the MetaPost language, but nevertheless there
are some minor differences with the last pascal-web based version of 
MetaPost (1.005):

* The MPlib distribution is released under the GPL version 2 or, 
  at your option, any later version.

* The commandline is slightly different, run mpost --help for details.

* The mem file format is changed, you have to regenerate any 
  existing ones.

* The new mpx generation library includes the label generation
  functionality that was previously provided by 'makempx', and
  this internal code will be used instead of an external program.
  That is, unless the MPXCOMMAND variable is set in the  environment 
  or texmf.cnf. The 'mpware' programs became obsolete and are no 
  longer included in the distribution.

* Most of the memory configuration variables from texmf.cnf
  have become obsolete due to dynamic reallocation. The four remaining 
  ones are 'main_memory', 'hash_size', 'max_in_open', 'param_size'.
  These are only taken into account at mem generation time, the
  values are stored in and reloaded from the mem file.

* The core MPlib library does not interpret an initial '&' as anything
  special and it does not support re-initialization using a different
  mem file either. The command line program mpost _does_ interpret '&' 
  as an alias for the -mem switch to preserve (some) compatility.

* The MPlib distribution includes lua script language bindings.

Following are the NEWS items for the previous beta releases of MPlib.

What is new in the beta release of MPlib 1.090:

* The lua bindings to MPlib are added to the distribution, and can now build an loadable module for lua
  (this needs an installed lua 5.1 distribution)

* Some internal macros are renamed so that the exported C structure
  fields could have better names, and a new document (mplibapi.tex)
  provides the documentation of the C api and Lua bindings.

* The texmf and manual trees are now included again.

* (un)dumping mem files is delegated to a separate cweb source file.

* All gcc-isms in the build and configure scripts have been removed.

* The kpathsea library is updated.

What is new in the beta release of MPlib 1.085:

* Determination of the mem name to use in non-ini mode is now much 
  closer to the web2c approach. 

* There is now a magic word in the beginning of the mem file to make
  sure it is written by the correct version of MPlib.

* Fixed the disappearing comment sign in the to-be-typeset document 
  created by the mpx generation subsystem.

* Various identifiers have been renamed to avoid clashes (that prevented
  the source from building correctly on many platforms)

* A great many small changes and fixes have been added after running 
  splint on the generated C source.

What is new in the beta release of MPlib 1.080:

* The MPlib distribution is released under the GPL version 2 or, at 
  your option, any later version. The copyright statements in the source
  files have been updated to reflect this.

* The mpost program banner now contains the kpathsea version, and no 
  longer mentions the fact that the source is now cweb at all.

* The mpost program once again supports 'E' error responses.

* There are some minor internal API changes, but there is still no 
  documentation for the API, so that is not very interesting yet.

What is new in the beta release of MPlib 1.060:

* The MPlib distribution is released under the GPL version 2.

* This release is the first that replaces the old metapost distribution
  completely. The executable is now named 'mpost' with engine name

* The release now includes a cweb implementation of the makempx 
  functionality that is linked into the mpost executable. 
  This internal code will be used unless the MPXCOMMAND variable is set.
  Because of this functionality, the mpware directory is no longer 
  included and the standalone programs 'makempx', 'newer', 'mpto',
  'dvitomp' and 'dmp'. are no longer maintained.

* This is the first development release of the new cycle, and contains 
  all of the functionality of Metapost 1.005. The mpost version is now 
  1.060, and the special version number for the cweb version has been 
  removed from the banner.
What is new in the alpha release of MPlib (0.20.0):

* Two bugs in MP 1.002 were fixed by Giuseppe Bilotta, both fixes
  are about polygonals pens and will be included in the upcoming 
  MP 1.003 release also.

* It is now possible to ask for the envelope of a path drawn as 
  traced by a (non-elliptical) pen:

    path p,q;
    p = fullcircle scaled 30;
    q = envelope pensquare of p;
* There is a lua interface now, and it is already used by luatex. 

  To play with this, currently the best solution is to fetch the 
  0.25.0 beta of luatex:
  This embeds MPlib 0.25.0 as well as its documentation. 

* Many bugs were fixed.

What is new in the alpha release of MPlib (0.10.0):

* The source is converted to cweb, and split into a library part
  (mpdir/lib/*.w) and a frontend executable (mpdir/mpost.w).

* The front end executable is named "newmpost", this takes
  care of configuring the MPlib library via C code, and uses
  kpathsea for file searching. There is no change file involved, 
  and the web2c runtime library is not used.

* Some of the internal arrays now grow dynamically when needed:

  * the input buffer
  * the string pool and number of strings
  * the font memory and number of fonts
  * the number of "readfrom" and "write" files
  * the path segment size
  * the input nesting stack
  * the number of new internals
  * the TFM writing arrays (but these are limited by TFM format)

  Still not doing that (so these can only be changed in --ini mode):

  * the main memory
  * the hash size
  * the number of simultaneous macro parameters
  * the level of "input" file nesting

* The following command-line options are ignored by the front-end
  command (for now):

  The other web2c command-line options should work as normal.

* the mpware tools are not in this distribution, their functionality
  will eventually be assimilated into the frontend application.

* the build process depends on a local "ctangle" command being in the 
  path, for now. The confiration and building system is not yet complete.

* API documentation is still missing, but the MetaPost input language 
  has not changed.

What is new in version 1.005:

* In MetaPost 1.004, mpost --version still incorrectly reported 1.003

* C Compilation of MetaPost 1.004 was broken on MacOS X 10.5

* The sources package did not contain mpboxes.pdf

* Some last-minute fixes to the manual

What is new in version 1.004:

* The picture color component commands misbehaved in 1.003:
   the current (default) colormodel was not taken into consideration,
   so all colors had to be explicit for "redpart" etc. to work.
   (this bug is the one broke the package)

   In 1.004 for "defaulted" colors, the suitable value in the current
   (default) colormodel is returned without any errors. This change
   also reverts to silently defaulting a 'black' color when asking
   for the redpart etc. of an object that cannot be colored at all.

* The picture color component commands misbehaved in 1.003 in
   a different manner also: the defaults for uninitialized CMYK
   color picture parts were still assuming 'black' was defined as
   (1,1,1,1) instead of as (0,0,0,1).

* The macro Gwithpc_ in the package did not work properly
   with non-rgb colormodel objects.

* has a new macro, 'colorpart', that returns the color
   parts of a graphical object within a picture in a form suitable
   for feeding it back to 'withcolor'.

* The latest kpathsea library from TeXLive is included.

* There is now a separate manual for the boxes package (mpboxes.pdf).

What is new in version 1.003:

* Polygonal pens now work better (bug #3 and #7 at

* When asking for a color part in a picture object, the color models
   now have to match each other, otherwise an error will be reported
   and the return value will be set to a 'black' part.

* The Makefile fragment ( now defines a separate mpost
   target for better integration in TeXLive.

* There was a bug in the internal handling of withprescript and
   withpostscript, resulting in incorrect output when paths using
   such scripts were stored in picture variables.

* A newline was missing from the PostScript output when the
   procset internal variable was set, so the first line of that
   accidentally became a PostScript comment.

* Applicable changes from Knuth's updates for MetaFont 2.718281
   are incorporated.

* Mpto did not play nice with %&<format> verbatimtex lines, it now
   automatically tries to detect comment-lines.

* Dvitomp  1.003 has higher limits for some internal constants like
   the number of allowed fonts in DVI files.

* The manual is improved.

What is new in version 1.002:

* Version 1.001 introduced a memory allocation error in mpto that could
  result in the program looping endlessly

What is new in version 1.001:

* The default cmyk 'black' color now uses only black, not all four
  ink colors (after a discussion on the mailing list).

* Some issues were reported with the new turningnumber algorithm,
  all known problems are now fixed.

* Gábor Braun discovered that mpost did not always download the font
  encodings into all the created output files.

* Akira Kakuto and Hartmut Henkel found some small issues in mpto
  regarding trailing and leading whitespace.

* A fix for the 'Helvetica' entries in was provided by
  Werner Lemberg, and Michail Vidiassov supplied two extra font 
  entries for (Symbol and ZapfDingbats). Karl Berry
  provided the new file, to be used by the updmap 
  tool in texlive.

* Mpost now supports web2c's --output-directory option.

* Any warnings about missing fonts and characters are now always 
  written to the terminal as well as to the log.

* Now that makempx is a C program, it needed a different install line
  in Also, Olaf Mersmann contributed a patch to recognize
  'gmake' in

* Luigi Scarso found some typing errors in the web source that prevented
  clean weaving of the source.

* Stephan Hennig fixed a number of problems in the manual (mpman.tex)
  and the introduction paper (mpintro.tex). He also wrote new sections on 
  how to preview metapost graphics and on how to use metapost graphics 
  inside  other documents. On top of that, the manual is now hypertext-aware, 
  and fixes for a whole series of small problems have been applied.

What is new in version 1.000:

*  The use of DSC (document structuring) comments has been
   been cleaned up, thanks to comments by Michail Vidiassov.
*  By setting prologues to 2 or 3, you can ask MetaPost to 
   reencode and include the used labels fonts in the output,
   thus creating proper Encapsulated PostScript files even
   if labels are present.

*  Support for greyscale and cmykcolor models is added.

*  The new drawing options "withprescript" and withpostscript"
   allow the user to attach PostSCript special text to a specific
   drawing object.

*  Setting the new internal "mpprocset" to 1 will make MetaPost
   create a somewhat extended preamble that defines shortcuts
   for the postscript commands (e..g "l" instead of "lineto").
   For big images, this can help shrink the output a bit.

*  The pool file is now integrated in the executable, so there
   is not separate 'mp.pool' anymore, except at build time.

*  Groff support is redone, and dmp now uses kpathsea searching.
   Groff related changes are thanks to the efforts of Werner 
   Lemberg and Michail Vidiassov 

*  makempx is now a compiled executable on all systems,
   thank you Akira Kakuto

*  The error for 'special's longer then 255 characters
   is removed, so specials can now be of any length.

*  There is new turningnumber implementation that attempts
   to find the mathematically correct "turningnumber" of a 
   path. The formulae are derived from a mailinglist discussion
   between (especially) Dan Luecking and Giuseppe Bilotta.

*  The manual is updated and modernized. It is currently 
   maintained by Stephan Hennig and Troy Henderson.

Changes in version 0.920:

*  Fixed a long-standing bug in web2c where changing values of the
   memory_size setting in web2c could cause crashes and other random
   problems. The memory array size is now written to the dump file
   and loading is aborted if the values do not match.
*  Implement configurable figure output filename templates.
*  Implement cmyk, greyscale, and marking only color models.
*  The mpost executable is now version 0.920
*  mpost no longer autoconverts r==g==b colors to grayscale in the
   postscript output.
Changes in version 0.902:
*  Fix a bug in mpto resulting in correctly placed labels (with
   thanks to Dan Luecking)
*  Fix a bug blocking compilation of dmp on MacOSX
*  The mpost,dmp,mpto executables are now version 0.902

Changes in version 0.901:
*  A corrected bugfix for bug item 3 from version 0.9 (the old fix
   made metapost fail the trap test)
*  Included for mem generation
*  Updated the trap test output.
*  The mpost executable is now version 0.901

What is new in version 0.9:
1. There is a new internal quantity called mpversion that reports the 
   current metapost version, and the version information is also written 
   to the PostScript file.   
2. The LaTeX sources of the mpman, mpintro, and mpgraph manuals have
   become part of the distribution package.
3. now has TeX format support through a pair of macros called 
   TEXPRE() and TEXPOST(). This llows you to process the contents of 
   the TEX() macro with, for example, LaTeX (instead of plain TeX).
   An example is given in the manual.
4. metapost now writes a %%HiReSBoundingBox comment
5. The EPS output no longer contains actual spaces within PostScript 
   strings as for example output by label("a space"), but their
   octal escape (\040) instead.
6. The EPS output now also has a %%BeginProlog DSC comment
   as well as %%EndProlog
7. The comments in the Web source have been changed to point out
   that on modern machines, acquiring the random seed has actually
   become a system-dependant operation (a granularity of whole seconds 
   is not small enough on new machines).
8. The 'newer' command now accepts more than 2 arguments, testing
   each of the files in turn.

Bugfixes in version 0.9:
1. Documentation improvements: all known errata and typos have been 
   removed, better explanations of e.g. dash patterns and dotlabel have
   been provided, and a number of omissions has been rectified.
2. The BoundingBox was not computed correctly when a filldraw command
   with a noticeable pen size was used at the edge of the picture.
3. Paths starting with degenerate constructions like (0,0)--(0,0)--(0,0) 
   could overflow memory.
4. The PostScript output could accidentally contain 8-bit characters 
   within PostScript strings in previous versions because a test was
   shared between terminal printing and PostScript printing.
5. A bug has been found in the assignment of serial numbers to independant
   variables in metafont 2.71828. This bug affected MP as well, and the
   same patch has been applied.
6. The turningnumber was sometimes wrong in unexpected ways. The new
   implementation is still sometimes wrong (when there are strange path
   segments involved), but in a much more predictable way: the new code
   always draws straight lines between the actual points, and calculates 
   the turningnumber based on that path instead of the actual path. The
   effect is that cusps and loops within segments are now completely 
   ignored. A more thorough fix of turningnumber is planned for the 
   next release.
7. There was an 'off by one' error in dvitomp wrt. the interpretation
   of virtual fonts.
8. mpto uses a new TeX macro for the generation of labels, making it
   more robust wrt. strange user code within the actual label text.
9. A missing colon in has been added
10. A missing save in has been added
11. The generisize in has been fixed so that it now accepts [[ as 
    a valid variable name

Version 0.641:
The only change was to fix the code for transforming a picture that
contains a filldraw.  Version 0.64 introduced a bug that caused an
inappropriate memory reference in that case.

What is new in Version 0.64:
1. A new primitive command  closefrom filename  closes a readfrom file
   so that subsequent calls to readfrom with that file name will go back
   to the beginning of the file.
2. The ^^ notation for unprintable characters is now used only when printing
   on the terminal or the log file.  Internal computations and the write
   command are all 8-bit clean.  (This is partly due to material in
   that changes the initialization of the xchr array.  Without these
   system-dependent changes, the write command would map all non-ascii
   characters to spaces.)
3. Arithmetic overflow during a comparison such as  20000>-20000 is now
   ignored.  This avoids extraneous error message when using the
   macro package.
4. Transformations with negative determinants now work properly on pictures
   drawn with polygonal pens.
5. When the readfrom operator is applied to a file that does not exist,
   an attempt to close a non-open file could cause problems in some
   implementations.  This has now been fixed.
6. Using  draw picture_expression withpen  where the picture_expression
   was a scaled picture containing dashed lines, the dash lengths would
   change.  This bug has been fixed.
7. The dashpart operator could return an invalid picture or a picture that
   is not properly scaled.  This has also been fixed.
8. The |char_base| variable could become negative when using fonts that
   do not start at character 0.  There was also bad Pascal code in function
   b_open_in.  This has all been fixed.
9. Dvitomp has been fixed to avoid a font data structure problem that
   could cause some characters to come out in the wrong font when you
   mix virtual and non-virtual fonts.
10. Dvitomp now correctly prints font names when there is a checksum
   mismatch, and it aborts instead of just printing an error if a tfm
   or vf file is bad.
11. In, the drawdblarrow macro now uses filldraw so that it works
   better with large pen sizes.

Version 0.632:
When prologues is negative, the output files use full precision for
coordinates in "%%BoundingBox" comments.  In btex..etex blocks,
"number too large" and "invalid character" errors are suppressed.
The result of btex..etex is now guaranteed to be in a setbounds path
so that a for...within iteration will always treat it as a unit.

There are also some obscure bug fixes involving string compaction when
scanning a file name or when mp is compiled in debug mode.  Some possible
identifier name conflicts and range check errors have also been fixed.

Version 0.631:
This version fixes an obscure bug that could cause certain perfectly valid
strings to be printed as "???" or " NONEXISTENT".  It also includes a minor
fix to the PATHEXPAND code that prevents running out of file descriptors.

What is new in Version 0.63:
1. Backslashes in the PostScript output are rendered correctly.  They used
   to come out as (\) instead of (\\).
2. Recycling an independent variable should no longer cause spurious overflows.
   (This bug was recently found in mf.web.)
3. Pythagorean addition should now be faster in certain trivial cases.
4. Rotating text by arbitrary angles should no longer cause bad PostScript
   output.  The problem was that arguments to "fshow" could be inaccurate.
5. Obscure bugs inherited from mf.web are now fixed.  These involve
   balancing parentheses showing on the terminal, reporting the correct
   line number in case of buffer overflow, and removing spurious reference
   counts that could effect end-of-job statistics.
6. Fonts with ec=255 should no longer cause mp's PostScript output routines
   to go into a loop.
7. When mp's string mechanism was heavily used, file names could occaisonally
   be printed on the terminal and log file as "(?)".  This has been fixed.
8. Setting PATHEXPAND in site.h causes mp, dvitomp and dmp to understand "//"
   in path variables as "search multiple levels of subdirectories".  This is
   for compatibility with recent versions of the Web2c TeX distribution.
9. A typo in mpware/makempx and mpware/troffmpx has been fixed.  Previous
   versions of these scripts would not run on some systems.
10. Data files *.d have been added to the doc directory.  These are used by
   doc/ which generates figures for "Drawing Graphs with MetaPost".
11. Typos in mpintro.tex and mp.web's TeX material have been fixed.
12. Files, mpintro.tex and mpintro.bib have moved from mplib to
    the doc directory.
13. The author's email address now appears in the README file.

Macros added to the mplib directory between Versions 0.50 and 0.62:
---------------------------------------------------------------------- is a slightly more general version of provides a way of running tex dynamically instead of as a pre-processor,, and are documented in doc/
(This is the same as,,, and are low-level packages
used by,, and

Other minor bug fixes subsequent to Version 0.60
1. has been fixed so that the x**y works properly when x<0 and y is
   a negative integer.
2. Programs mptotex.c and mptotr.c which extract btex..etex material have been
   fixed so they work properly with input files that do not end with a newline
3. Program dmp.c which handles troff output from btex..etex blocks has been
   modified to avoid outputting any non-ASCII characters that the C function
   isprint() accepts.
4. Program dmp.c no longer gets troff graphics specials confused with text.
   This seldom matters because btex..etex blocks are unlikely to contain
   troff graphics.
5. Pictures containing clipped subpictures could come out with some colors
   in the subpicture wrong.
6. Colors in PostSript output were not being restricted to the standard 0..1
7. Transforming a path or a pen should no longer generate extraneous overflow
   errors in certain unusual situations.
8. Drawing with a degenerate 2-vertex polygonal pen such as penrazor should
   no longer cause an infinite loop in certain unusual situations.
9. There were some bugs in the mfplain macros.  (These macros are designed
   to similate plain METAFONT.)  The drawing and filling macros now apply
   currenttransform to the path but not the pen rather than vice versa.
   The predefined modes now set o_correction to 1.0.
10. For security reasons, mp can no longer read or write files whose names
   begin with '.'

Changes to the MetaPost language between Version 0.50 and Version 0.60
1. New operator `readfrom <filename>' and new command
   `write <string expression> to <filename>' do file I/O.  Plain defines
   a special string EOF that readfrom returns to indicate end-of-file
   and understands as well.
2. New iteration type `for p within <picture expression>: <loop text> endfor'
   iterates through the interior components of the picture.  An `interior
   component' is a single pen stroke, filled outline, or piece of typeset
   text.  A part of the picture enclosed in a clipping or setbounds path
   also counts as an interior component.  If the whole picture is enclosed
   in such a path, the for..within iteration looks inside.  Note that a
   picture generated by btex..etex is enclosed in a setbounds path.
3. The length operator now applies to pictures.  It returns the number of
   interior components.
4. New boolean operators stroked, filled, textual, clipped, bounded test
   the first component of a picture.  A picture enclosed in a clipping or
   setbounds path counts as a single component.
5. Part extraction operators now work for pictures.  Standard operators
   redpart, greenpart, bluepart apply to the color of the first component
   and xpart, ypart, xxpart, xypart, yxpart, yypart extract parts of the
   tranformation that has been applied to a text component.  If `textual p'
   is false, the transform components are all zero; if `clipped p' or
   `bounded p' is true, the color parts are all zero.  Additional operators
   fontpart, textpart, pathpart, penpart, dashpart extract other information
   from the first component of a picture.  They all return null values when
   the first component has the wrong type:  fontpart and textpart return
   null strings; pathpart returns the path (0,0); penpart returns nullpen;
   and dashpart returns nullpicture.
6. The construction `dashed nullpicture' is now a no-op.  It used to be
   an error.
7. The clip and setbounds statements used to ignore operations on empty
   pictures.  Now they do not.
8. Structuring comments in the PostScript output are now based on EPSF-3.0
   as described in the 2nd Edition of the PostScript Reference Manual.
   When prologues is 0, some structuring comments are included but the
   output is not flagged a `conforming document'.  Previous versions of
   MetaPost behaved similarly but used slightly different structuring
9. When warningcheck is 0, numeric tokens and results from the hex and
   oct operators can be as large as 32767.99998.  The old limit of about
   4096 applies only when warningcheck is positive.
10. Various optimizations should make the output a little more compact.
11. For PostScript engines that obey the scan-conversion rules documented
   in the 2nd edition PostScript Language Reference Manual, hrules and
   vrules in btex..etex blocks should now come out to exactly the right
   number of pixels.  The change affects all pen strokes drawn in MetaPost
   It is implemented via PostScripts dtransform and idtransform operators.
12. A bug involving setbounds and MetaPost's corner operators has been fixed.
13. Degenerate elliptical pens no longer cause PostScript to divide by zero.
14. Fixed a very obscure bug involving readstring and end-of-file.
15. String compaction statistics are now printed correctly when the job
   terminates with tracingstats positive.

Changes to the source files between Version 0.50 and Version 0.60

The installation instructions should now be clearer.  They also explain
how to cope with verious versions of WEB2C.

CHANGES to ./site.h
I removed unused entries and clarified instructions in commentary material.
Confusing comments about possibly merging it with the WEB2C version of site.h
were removed--I think such merging is a bad idea.

CHANGES TO ./Makefile, mp/Makefile, mpware/Makefile:
Improved default settings, simplified the `install' recipe,
fixed a few missing depencies, portability problems, etc.

   mp/mp.defines, mpware/mpware.defines, mpware/dvitompext.c
TO mp/mp.def,     mpware/mpware.def,     mpware/dvimpext.c
(The names also changed in the Makefiles and convert scripts)

CHANGES TO mp/mp.web, mp/, mp/mp.def, mp/mpext.c:
Lots of new features were added as noted above.  The only new system-
dependencies are for `readfrom' and `'.
The change file now increases max_read_files; it doesn't bother with
max_write_files, but perhaps it should.  There is a new change entitled
"Path selector for..readfrom file".  From the web2C sources I borrowed
a change "`logname' is declared in <unistd.h> in some systems".  I also
added a PASCAL-like eof() routine to mpext, removed a change entitled
"avoid using eof() in read_psname_table" and added a new change
"[48.1199] `eof'...[in read_mem_file]".

Reorganization of math routines in the mp directory:
I moved the floating-point math routines from mpext.c to mpath.c.  A
C-language version of the standard math routines was moved from mpmath.c
to a new file pmath.c for use in mathtest only.  This required chages to
mathtest.c and time.c (also used only for mathtest).  The point of all
this is that there is now just one copy of the floating-point math routines
and it is used for mathtest and (optionally) for mp itself.

Routines in doc and mp/trapdir:
The output was updated to Version 0.60.  Another test file
tests new features.  There have also been minor updates to the manual,
although the new features for Version 0.60 are not included yet.

CHANGES to macros in mplib:
A minor change to should make it more robust.  Changed default
setting of tracinglostchars in and  Added a string
constant EOF to for use with readfrom and
Changed mproof.tex to make it more portable as suggested by Knuth.

CHANGES to mpware/dvitomp.web, mpware/
The web file was changed to output rules as horizontal or vertical
penstrokes with butt endcaps.  This also affected  Also in, put terminal output on stdout instead of stderr and require
the output file to be given on the command line.

CHANGES to mpware/makempx, mpware/troffmpx:
Added comments explaining what path names need fixing.  Portability improvements
and dvitomp's output change affect makempx only.

CHANGES to mpware/mptotex.c mpware/mptotr.c mpware/testex.err mpware/
Ignore an initial newline in the TeX (or troff) material to avoid generating
a blank line in the output file.  The test file now covers this case.

CHANGE to mpware/newer.c
Minor changes to make it compile in strict ANSI/POSIX environments.
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