File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.212

Release Notes

This release has an improved manual and fixes a few bugs in the 1.2xx series

Change Log

* A very long list of improvements to the manual.

* MetaPost now adheres to the openin_any / openout_any settings in 

* In some cases 'readfrom' made the file's path be prepended to the 
  actually read string from the file.

* The 'prologues:=3 output' with embedded labels was unreliable, 
  especially when the resulting eps was included into a TeX document 
  via dvips.

* 'newinternal numeric' has been fixed, it generated an error in
  metapost 1.211.
* Label regeneration sometimes failed to run when the file time stamps
  were close together.

* Reallocation of the string pool during output file name creation
  ('outputtemplate') could cause corruption in the created file's name.
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