File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: luatex-beta-0.89

Release Notes

Luatex Release 0.89.0 was released 2016020500 

No fundamental changes, just some fixes / improvements (and of course new bugglets).

- New backend things:
 \pdfvariable pkfixeddpi = integer % > 0 : use only default dpi (so one can do with one high res instance)
 \pdfvariable ignoreunknownimages = integer % > 0 : ignore missing and inject something empty (to be used with care)
  and one can do this:
 \edef\foo{\pdfvariable foo}
 \def \oof{foo}
 \ifx\foo\oof don't fool me\fi
 (side effect of no longer aborting on missing, so one implement a catch)

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